u-he Dark Zebra Features Hans Zimmer Patches For The Dark Knight Rises

Urs Heckman of u-he software has posted a bit more information about Dark Zebra – a custom version of the Zebra software synth that features Hans Zimmer’s patches from The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack:

This modified version of Zebra, dubbed “ZebraHZ” will ship exclusively with The Dark Zebra soundset that we’ll be releasing shortly after the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

The soundset contains 400 presets by Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr which they created for the Dark Knight trilogy soundtracks.

Heckman previously had this to say about the ‘pimped’ Dark Zebra, formerly ZebraHZ:

For the soundtrack HZ used a custom built Zebra with Diva filters and some prototype features originally planned for Zebra 3. He got us to do this in return for some rights.

Now the gist is, part of what we’re releasing requires that pimped version of Zebra, hence it will be bundled. It isn’t perfect, e.g. the “Diva” filters are mono, there’s no multicore support, significant CPU drain if the extras are used. We call it ZebraHZ, and it will run nicely as a *separate* plugin!

Dark Zebra will sell for $99, and require an existing Zebra license. Availability for ZebraHZ is TBA.

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