Free Ableton Pack Makes Any Instrument Sound As If Was Sampled

AfroDJMac let us know about a free Live pack designed to make anything sound like it was sampled from vinyl or tape:

Here’s what I consider an endlessly useful Ableton Collection of cassette and reel to reel tape hiss, along with vinyl crackling samples. The samples range from subtle to pretty unfortunate. They are presented as clips and in a drum rack with some useful and sometimes glitchy macro knobs.

I’ve also created an instrument rack that allows you to drop any synth inside and blend it with vinyl or tape noise, adding warmth and imperfection to the sound, giving it the effect of being sampled from tape or vinyl.

Get the details and download at the AfroDJMac site.

7 thoughts on “Free Ableton Pack Makes Any Instrument Sound As If Was Sampled

    1. Sorry, but if you can’t recognize many possibilities for OTHER sounds using the techniques described in this video, then I suggest you educate yourself, possibly by watching the rest of his videos.

      1. Ah yes the American obstinance that says that anyone making a joke is to be shat on until the USA sucks all the fun from the world.

        1. How do you even know he’s from the USA? Is that even an american stereotype? Are Americans regarded as humorless to the rest of the world?

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