Free Music Friday: Korg MicroSampler Experimental Electronica

Free Music Friday: Reader Jono Wise sent word about a free EP created primarily with the Korg MicroSampler.

Here’s what Wise has to say about the release, inVALID INvalidE.P.:

I recorded various sounds into the Microsampler, often making use of the 6k lofi mode, after this the tracks were played live into Ableton live, some tracks make use of post processing and overdubs, other tracks were pretty much just printed to audio, compression added and thats it.

The Tracks all come from one Bank on the microsampler that I recorded and are based on one central theme and variations on that. It was an interesting experiment in using the same music ideas and sounds for more than one track.

9 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: Korg MicroSampler Experimental Electronica

  1. great sounds and interesting music! I like that it has a more live performance orientation to it instead of the typical ‘locked-in’ feel of so much music these days 😉 . I wish synthtopia would post more music like this! And, I wish that hardware/software companies would get with the times and feature their new synths etc., with music like this. It’s about time, yes?

  2. Very interesting work. It’s quite engaging and really invites you in to explore all the sounds. I found myself quite lost in the music in the same way I might a painting. Where can one hear more of your work?

  3. I really enjoyed this! Has a sort of Amon Tobin feel to the sounds. You could’ve said it was Kyma and I’d’ve believed it!

    :D! Amazing.

    Really goes to show it’s not the gear but the person behind it.

    Saludos from Puerto Rico.

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