The Strange Agency Intros ExtraSlice Beat Juggling App For iOS

The Strange Agency ExtraSlice DJ SoftwareThe Strange Agency – maker of unique synthesis and sound-mangling apps for iOS – has released a new app, ExtraSlice.

Other apps by The Strange Agency include HyperSpace, Curtis and MegaCurtis.

ExtraSlice is humbly described as “the future of the DJ experience. Juggle beats, chop, screw, shuffle, dice and slice with the latest iteration of our critically acclaimed Slice series.”

Two virtual decks let you manipulate loops visually. Tap the loop rim to slice the loop vertically, horizontally, even diagonally. Completely rearrange the loop by dragging its slices. Tap loop slices to mute them.

ExtraSlice comes preloaded with beats, but you can also import your own via paste or through iTunes. You can record your slice compositions and share them with others, copy them to other apps, or even use them as source for a new session of slicing.

Here’s a demo of ExtraSlice in action:

ExtraSlice is available now for $.99 in the App Store.

5 thoughts on “The Strange Agency Intros ExtraSlice Beat Juggling App For iOS

    1. It’ll be nice on iPad, tho. Releasing so many apps makes me a little suspicious… shouldn’t they put the time into improving the apps that are already out? Looks cool, tho.

  1. Mega Curtis is actually very good, you should try it and this app is excellent also. Fat fingers? Go on a diet or use it on iPad lol!
    Extra Slice is their best app yet, at only 99cents this can mess things up nicely!
    Don’t like the UI? Ok don’t look at it if it upsets you, the black and white works great for me

    Astounds me how people love to whine about apps, especially ones that don’t cost much but do a lot

    Many people like strange agencies apps which is why they make many Wierd and wonderful ones

    A refreshing change from the generic type apps that come out frequently

    Extra Slice is a easy to figure out master glitching app on par with glitchbreaks

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