Free Music Friday: Mauve Oblong By poictesme

Free Music Friday: Reader Ian (poictesme) wrote in to let us know about his new release and to share some kind words:

I’ve just released Mauve Oblong, a 4 track EP of electronica under my stage name poictesme – “blending environmental, animal and machine sounds, synth and instrumental samples, beats and loops, the cosmic, the nostalgic and the mythic into something pleasing to the human ear.”

I came across Synthtopia at a time when life was more than ordinarily difficult. The information on the site has given me the tools and the encouragement to create my own electronic music, which has made a big difference to me. So this little EP is a way of saying thank you for helping to keep me sane!

Glad to hear that Synthtopia helped Ian reach his goal of creating  and releasing his own music, and great to see him giving back to others!
Mauve Oblong is available for streaming and name-your-own-price download (including “free”) via bandcamp.

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