9 thoughts on “Korg EMX-1 Trance Synth Jam

  1. my electribes are my most valued piece of gear, even now that i use software i find my self “sketching” out ideas on them still. the EMX-1 is the bees knees.

  2. i use the emx 1 alot, its sequencer is invaluable, and processing my old drum machines and mini casio synths through its tube gain, and compressor give those old machines new life. this was a really well rehearsed song.

  3. The EMX-1 is a very mature instrument, It is well thought out and perfect for sketching ideas or producing full finished pieces. Every Electribe before it was a step toward the perfection that the EMX-1 is. I will never sell mine and will buy more to insure its permanent position in my studio.

    The sequencer is great. I process other equipment through mine also. Love the Arp control. I have been using mine long enough that when I am flying across the interface it feels more like playing an instrument than just another piece of studio gear. Its an all around keeper. One last thing …… You can put better tubes in it.

      1. Groove tubes Ecc-83 Smooth at lowest level but hav a nice fizzly effect higher up .. rather than the standard dense ringy overblown distortion of the original tubes .


        They don’t only change the tone and make electribes sound more smooth and organic, but they also give you a lot more leniency in leveling , filtering and mastering.


        Do some research as people are looking for different results so you should be able to either cleanup your sound or introduce more character and grit. This is one of those areas like monitors or headphones where everyone has a slightly different ear preference so it is subjective to what you are looking for.



        How to change the tubes inside a Korg Electribe ESX and EMX

        I highly recommend the Gold Series Electron Tubes by Groove Tubes. The model number is GT ECC83. These have excellent clarity and boost the sound coming from your machine(s) dramatically. It also cuts down on the “hiss” sound you may hear in your machine(s). You can get them for around $20 each off eBay easily. Second, you will need a small Phillips head screwdriver (to remove the tube covering plate) and a small flat head screwdriver (to adjust the tube knobs).

        LONG LIVE THE EMX!!!! 😉 Hope this helps.

    1. You should hold on to it. It wont be long and they will become hard to get. I dare anyone to put five days of deep use into one and not come away telling everyone its a keeper.

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