Handel Modular Fugue A-minor HWV 609


This music video captures a classitronica style arrangement of Handel’s Fugue A-minor HWV 609, played on YUSYNTH modular synth by Daniel Philipp Stotz.

“To record fugues in this way, takes a lot of time,”notes Stotz, “but gives the great possibility to have different sounds for every voice of the fugue.”


5 thoughts on “Handel Modular Fugue A-minor HWV 609

  1. What a refreshing little cameo piece in a world where modulars are too often consigned to Strangeness and 8-step sequences. This is pretty and well-balanced. Even Handel’s ghost probably likes it. Thumbs up.

  2. Great arrangement – it has that distinctive nice analogue synth buzz and richness of tone – well done!

  3. This is beautiful! I love the idea of layering voices in the recording in this way. Each patch is considered and deliberately replicating the ranges of a particular orchestral counterpart. Not boringly trying to recreate any specific instrument(s) but just carefully giving space and therefore depth to each fugue voice and figure by respectfully remaining within a certain range of characteristic and complimentary tones to the previously recorded lines. Very interesting, very “switched on”.

  4. The synth looks great and the music sounds great too. But PLEASE lose that irritating percussive whistling noise that’s mixed in there!

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