The MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box

Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space has introduced a DIY new noise box, the Alien Screamer.

The MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box is simple circuit can make a lot of cool sounds,  it has a speaker and amp built in. It runs off of one nine volt battery and draws very little current. PC boards are available and kits will be soon also.


  • Easy to build
  • Uses one 9V battery (portable)
  • Built in amplifier and speaker.
  • Kludge area on PC board (customizations…)
  • Low current design extends battery life
  • Makes a plethora of cool and interesting sounds
  • May stimulate plant growth
  • May attract alien visitations – CAUTION ADVISED
  • May cut into TV viewing time – CAUTION ADVISED

He’s got schematics on the site and says that kits will be available very soon.

4 thoughts on “The MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box

  1. I have endless respect for guys like this. They are having fun and exploring synthesis. At the same time, when it comes to being offered the option to purchase it as a kit, I feel about the same way as I do with most ipad musical apps (and especially those without midi). It’s cool, but it will likely never get used.

  2. I’m pretty sure completed ones will begin showing up on eBay quickly.

    There’s a pretty active DIY analog synth community — check out Muff Wiggler (hey, I didn’t choose the name) forums. Small entry projects like this one or his Weird Sound Generator provide great ‘training’ projects for folks who can then move on to a Klee! And when you discover that you can buy 2x as many modules for the money if you build them yourself, you promptly begin spending the rent money on blank PCBs and through-hole components!

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