Loopr Live Loop Composer For iOS

Loopr is a new multi-track audio looper for iOS.

With Loopr, you can create, practice, jam along, or sample audio soudscapes. It offers synchronization with drum machines and sequencers via its MIDI out sync feature, but also fast multi-layer recording via its ‘fast recording mode’.

Loops can be sent as independent files (including tempo and time signature information), which lets you share the groove with most desktop audio production apps (e.g. Logic Studio, Garage Band, …).

It’s also CoreMIDI and CoreAudio compatible, to use with the most popular iOS compatible interfaces.

Here’s a video demo of Loopr:

Key Features:

  • ow latency recording and playback, to catch it when it comes
  • one hand, thumb optimized screen controls, to loop along everywhere
  • efficient MIDI pedalboard ergonomy for hands free control
  • MIDI time code out tempo synchronization, for all the electronic play-alongs
  • transparent on-the-fly saving of sessions, to save without a pause
  • easy exportation of separate audio files including comprehensible text-formatted metadata

Loopr is available now for $3.99.

via Tristan Zand

5 thoughts on “Loopr Live Loop Composer For iOS

  1. It would be nice if Loopr could synchronize to an *external* MIDI clock.

    I play bass with a drummer and guitarist and it would be really cool if the guitar player and I could each use a looper that’s synchronized to an external clock. We want to be able to lay down loops so that we can play other instruments on top of our bass and guitar parts. I have been trying (without success) to build something myself, and I’m also eagerly awaiting the Pigtronix Infinity looper.

    If there were an app that could do this, all of my problems would be solved! If it works well, I’d even consider buying another iPad just to run this app.

  2. ST, Check out Ableton live’s built looper, you could setup 3 channels and do that pretty easy. you just need a soundcard that will run at a low latency and your away cooking.

    1. I’m not very familiar with Ableton, hence my questions. Can it act like two separate looping pedals? The base loops and layers that I add won’t necessarily occur at the same time as when the guitarist would want to lay down his. How would we control that? Two separate foot controllers? It also sounds like we’d need to dedicate a computer to this task. Currently there’s only one computer in the room and we use it to run Logic Studio.

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