CASSINI Synth for iPad Review

Reader Tim Webb, who blogs at his site discchord, did not waste any time in digging into iceGear’s new Cassini Synth for iPad and cranking out a video review.

Cassini offers 3 OSCs, 2 Filters, AMP, 9 EGs, 6 LFOs, 3 band EQ, Saturator, 2 Delays and an Arpeggiator.

“I managed to pry myself away from Cassini just long enough to record a video review!” says Webb. He calls Cassini an ‘impressive synth’.

Check out the video review, watch out for subliminal images in the review that can’t be unseen, and – if you’ve tried Cassini yourself, let us know what you think of it, too!

3 thoughts on “CASSINI Synth for iPad Review

  1. Love it! Cassni is great for grainy organic pads and such. BUT…the envelopes are a bit confusing in the sense that there is the individual amp envelope and then a global envelope and its sometimes confusing as to which one is overriding which one. Which you figure out eventually but still…it messes you up sometimes. And same with some of the LFO’s. Sometime less is more…It’s a lot of fun and a bit of adventure programming this gorgeous synth.

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