Open Mic: What New Electronic Music Are You Listening To?

Open Mic: Reader Andy Hagerty wants to know “What new Electronic Music are you listening to right now that you’d want to share with the Synthtopia readers?”.

Is it something from an artist that you think is under appreciated? Something new from an established artist? Something that you’re working on?

Leave a comment and let us know…..

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95 thoughts on “Open Mic: What New Electronic Music Are You Listening To?

  1. For now it’s mostly Nu-Disco : mitch murder, Lazerhawk, Flashworx, Neon Workout, Renegade, etc.
    But you can add Grafton Primary, and iamamiwhoami to the mix…

    Best thing is we have an infinite amount of electronic music tracks / styles / artists just waiting to be discovered ! …………..

  2. VNV Nation, Edge of Dawn/Seabound, Covenant + recently a newly released Starring Two /Portraits and Landscapes/ album and, of course, many more – love chillout station.

    1. yep! Tim Hecker, Fennesz, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Glacial, JK Flesh, Planningtorock, Shackleton, Squarepusher, Neokitsch, Flying Lotus, Demdike Stare, Amon Tobin, Andy Stott, and always Brian Eno! I also try to listen to myself when I can bear it : /

      (artist order has no particular relevance for me here)

  3. Kuedo, Girl Unit, Machinedrum, Om Unit, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Infinity Shred.
    Tangerine Dream, Stockhausen, Fever Ray

    Ditto on the Concrete, also serialism, weird how after a while it becomes appealing

    lots of footwork.

  4. It’s not exactly new but the Sepalcure LP is pretty damn $$$$$. In case you’re caught unaware, this is a duo of Praviv of and Machinedrum that came out about a year ago, flooded with a lot of washed out polysynth and deeeeeep bass with a big emphasis on the juke rhythm everyone seems to be catching on to. It almost reminds me of a more hyperactive version of the Mount Kimbie record, heh.

    That, and a cat I found on Soundcloud a while back who goes by the name of Sir Froderick. He’s got a million releases, a lot of collaboration records too, up on Bandcamp. My favorite would be Afrikan Divas, the one he did with Knxwledge. He tags his jams as Gutter Funk, which is a term I’ve never come across, though if you ask me the dude’s doing a tremendous job with that hazy, broken beat, Dillaesque SP-404 thing that everyone is so into lately. African Divas is so damn filthy and catchy,

  5. Been really getting into Machine Life out of NYC. Great mix of various eras of dance music. Anything from Ben Klock. Sandwell District or what ever they become next now that they have dissolved.

    1. Very nice – I’ve just listened to some of their tracks on MySpace. The Skinny Puppy resemblance is definetely there.

      In this context I can also recommend Necro Facility. Their last album “Wintermute” had a more Synthpop/Breakbeat influenced sound, but “The Room” was also very Skinny-Puppy-sh 🙂

      1. I’ll check out Necro Facility. Thanks for the recommendation. Chrysalide’s second release is highly recommended. Obviously, the Puppy resemblance is from Process era and forward. Anger is a show.

      2. holy vivisect vi… The Room is fun to listen to, even if it flirts with the border between homage and rip off (in a good way). I’ll be picking it up. I’m a little afraid of the synthpop/breakbeat descripiton of wintermute, but I’ll still check that out as well.

        I think this synthtopia open mic has been pretty cool, in that it’s community building and allows those with similar tastes to help each other out.

  6. Too much to list individual but i’d say as far as labels go i always check new releases from Black Acre, 100% Silk and Mullet Records. Black Acre for “avant-ish” experimental bass music. 100% Silk has that kinda lo-fi yet pop sounding stuff always interesting. Then of course Mullet Records the indefatigable nu-disco releasers for those timeless 80s grooves.

    tl;dr version: any releases on Black Acre, 100% Silk and Mullet Records.

  7. velcro fastner .
    The new EP by Brandon Spivey on Phase distortion Records , Black sands Bonobo.
    Same old acid and detroit techno.

  8. at the moment i listened a lot to these albums

    Shed / The Killer
    Small People / Salty Days
    Hot Chip / In Our Heads
    Ametsub / The Nothings Of The North
    Wolfgang Maus Soundpicture / Children Of The Universe

  9. Electro-Industrial, Futurepop and Aggrotech. Also some Progressive Psytrance.

    Regarding the former, I am currently very fond of Assemblage 23’s new album “Bruise” and recently I (once again) re-discovered the last two albums “God Of Hell” and “Nightcrawler” by The Retrosic.

    Regarding the latter I am still very enthusiastic about “After The Rain” and “Across The Sea” by Krama 🙂

  10. Sure, he just does synth demos, not “real songs” let alone albums.
    But WC Olo Garb aka Jexus continually astounds and inspires me.
    Amazingly complex with just one instrument. Very rhythmic without any drums. : )

  11. Mr. Oizo, Zombie Zombie, Jonathan Dekkard, Blakula, Chromatics, Devo (Always), Doldrums, Joakim, James Pants, The Magnetic Fields, Metro Area, WhoMadeWho, Phenomenal Hand Clap Band, and though not electronic i gotta say ive been listening to a crap load of Dr. John…….cheers!

  12. Really digging the latest Squarepusher. Also Jurgen Muller “Science of the Sea” is on heavy rotation. Death Grips are great, Actress “R.I.P.” is fantastic, the Flaming Lips’ “Heady Fwends” thing is super trippy (obviously). Also feeling the newest Monolake, Plaid, and Mouse on Mars albums, and anything by Siriusmo is amazing. ‘Ekstasis’ by Julia Holter is beautiful/dreamy.

    The list goes on… Scuba, Black to Comm, anything from Brainfeeder (FlyLo, Thundercat, Baths, etc.), Dntel, Gang Gang Dance, Sepalcure, Tim Hecker, Can reissues, M83, Modeselektor, Kuedo, Hudson Mowhawk, Gold Panda. Addison Groove, Mount Eerie, My Fun, The Field, Four Tet…

  13. The last Infected Mushroom album… El-P’s new stuff and Aesop Rock’s new Skelethon has some incredible electronic instrumentals… Amon Tobin, Dada Life, Wolfgang Gartner, Squarepusher’s Ufabulum… more…

  14. Lots of cool stuff on the Ghost Box label. Recommended if you like BOC and library music.

    The noir minimalism of Secret Society of the Sonic Six.

    The cosmic pop of the Parallelograms.

    And I’ve been rediscovering some old Mort Garson LPs. Electric Hair Pieces and The Wozard of Id are pretty amazing!

  15. I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff from Just Noise Music. Mascara Hera makes amazing dream pop, Emperor Bear and Mornings make ambient idm stuff ( Emperor Bear’s I ep is beautifull), and Roan are really neat post rock stuff. I actually just downloaded their discography. They are a new indie label/ artist collective and have everything up as pay whatever/ free downloads.

    Also been spinning some BT, BoC, Flying Lotus, Baths, Squarepusher, Helios, and Autechre.

  16. Not really interested in a lot of the “new” electronic music!
    Not a fan of the Dubstep or DJ type electronica.
    I do check out a lot of the homespun electronic music posted on youtube.
    I like the guys with 1000 views better than the mega artists with 1,000,000 plus views!

  17. Electro House – The Loops of Fury, Mumbai Science, Uppermost, deadmau5

    Alt rock – Shoegaze and Radiohead

    90’s techno – Chemical Bros, Underworld, The Prodigy, Orbital

  18. I’m pretty much into all the new Synth-Wave things, like Com Truise, Class Actress, Miami Nights 1984. Then also things like patten and some witch house like Emika, Grimes, White Ring (not that new) and no sunrise and Pryramid Sunset (is that even witch-house.. dontknow), over to chillwave, like Sun Glitters. Then there’s all the bass-music like Liar, Lorn and all the other dark bass fellows.

  19. I like a lot of industrial. Chrysalide is great. Individual totem is one of the greats. Two bands no one seems to have heard if is plasmodivm amd plastic assault.

    I wish some blog posts reflected that many of us like EBM/industrial.

    1. totally agree! I’m also totally into EBM, Industrial and Wave stuff. More the old school one though. I don’t like how a certain area of EBM/Industrial has developed. It’s become a bit of a silly circus, the music is often just trance with darker lyrics and I miss a certain experimental spirit in may productions (though they often lable themselves as experimental)

  20. just to clarify on my last comment: Unit Black Flight makes music in the style of John Carpenter movie soundtracks. Don’t know if they are new, I don’t think so, but I also don’t think may people know them.

  21. I’ve digging the following…
    New totally enormous extinct dinosaurs album
    Fred falke new geronimo track
    Drums of death new stuff
    Duke dumonts new single
    Sinden’s new single is awesome too
    The new square pusher album is also great
    Nicolas jaar essential mix
    Ali love
    Sneaky sound system great synth pop band from australia

    I could go on and on easiest is to post my great tracks playlist on youtube:


  22. I’m really loving this new music I started out making on my iPhone with Nanostudio.. I listen to it all the time and even started playing LIVE shows with it. I’ve since upgraded to an IPad and I’m just starting to record a full length effort for release hopefully next year. Cheers! (… Even though I’m American) |

  23. I’m really liking the new 80’s style retro/synthwave like Lazerhawk, Com Truise, Mitch Murders, Miami 1984, Kavinsky, ect. There are a few good youtube channels covering this little cult genre like neros77 and newretrowave.

    other good recent synthy stuff….

    Linstrom – Where you go I go too
    Jonas Reindhart – Mask of the Maker
    Ken Camden – Space Mirror
    Druc Drac – Retro Future
    Nebulo – Basements
    Holden – The Inheritors

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