Eclipse Sound Age Of Transitions For Native Instruments Massive

On this episode of his Project Preset series, Torley checkes out Native Instruments Age of Transitions – a collection of 64 ambient, filmscore and new age style patches by Eclipse Sound.

About Project Preset

Torley believes an instrument should be awesomely playable from the start, and uses Project Preset to highlight the craft of instrument + sound designers.

He follows a set of rules to capture his first impressions of new instruments and sound libraries:


  1. Never skip a sound within the focused area. (Exceptions include template setups and other “specialty banks”.)
  2. Play sounds you have never heard before, so your first reactions are documented on camera. (Exception: practice/warmup to gain familiarity with a new tool.)
  3. Only feature tools you have or will use in actual productions to set a positive example for the electronic music community. Thinking you can do something is trumped by actually doing it every time.

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3 thoughts on “Eclipse Sound Age Of Transitions For Native Instruments Massive

  1. I can watch anything by Torley, he’s so dang talented and patient with this approach to Presets. He’s one of the few guys doing this sort of thing on the web.

  2. Torley, the world had a Torley-sized hole it needed you to fill. I appreciate having these sounds presented in a really musical context so I can guage them, but as Bill Hicks once said “I WANT MY ROCK MUSICIANS TO PLAY FROM THE F**KING HEAAARRRT!!” Even when you are just noodling, it breathes, because you play with your ears n’ heart rather than just a step-sequencer. THAT is how its supposed to sound when you’re giving any synthesizer its very best face. Kids, make note of it.

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