Animoog Update Adds MIDI Control, Improved Features

Moog Music has released an update to Animoog – its software synth for the iPad – adding improved MIDI support, Preset Categories, new sound libraries and more.

Here’s what’s new in Animoog v1.1.0:

  • Preset Categories
  • MIDI CC Mapping
  • Recording time is doubled
  • MIDI OUT available as an in-app purchase
  • ACOUSTIC and METALLIC expansion packs added to Animoog Store

Important Note: Moog recommends that you ‘Export Presets’ from Animoog Setup page, before you update. Save presets to disk using iTunes File Sharing.

There have been reports of Animoog crashing after updating. Moog says that if you get this problem, delete Animoog and re-download from App Store.

25 thoughts on “Animoog Update Adds MIDI Control, Improved Features

  1. It’s interesting how adding MIDI to a soft synth is news in 2012. Tablets are still in the dark ages for music production, and I can’t wait to see what things look like in five or ten years.

    1. Thats not completely fair.

      I’d agree that tablets are playing catch up, overall, to personal computers. But they are way ahead of computers in many ways, especially the iPad and it’s maturing OS and viability as a music platform.

      An iPad can be an expressive instrument thats more portable than laptops or traditional instruments. And several iPad apps support polyphonic expressive control of synthesized sound, which is either not available or extremely expensive with electronic inxtruments or computer + controller combinations.

      The CS80 is considered by a lot of people to be the greatest keyboard synth ever. It’s strength isn’t that it’s such a powerful synth, though, but that it’s an expressive synth. Animoog offers the same polyphonic control over synthesized sound for $30, which is rather amazing.

      Laptops are very powerful now, but look for apps that turn your laptop into an expressive playable instrument, without the need for additional bulky hardware, and you’ll find that there’s just about nothing.

      How long will it take cheap laptops to catch up with the iPad, in that respect?

    1. So learn to read, the release notes say if it crashes on older ipads, delete and reinstall. That said, I had to reinstall on my iPad1 and it also crashed on forst startup but was OK thereafter.

    2. Crashes during load for me as well. There was some line about exporting presets before installing, but since I hadn’t created any of my own, I was assuming it would just over-write them. What happens is the green start-up screen comes up for a few seconds then it goes back the iOS desktop. I see the Animoog icon in the bottom “running apps” dock, but clicking it does nothing.

      1. Whoever “disliked” my post, I’m just reporting facts. Don’t act like I insulted your baby. We’re cool, right?

        I never saw anything about deleting and reinstalling, but I’ll do it now.

        I agree with Michele that it is a little disappointing, that the update requires a reinstall, but perhaps it really was unavoidable.

  2. Besides the fact i consider embarrassing that an update forces the user to re-install the whole software to work properly… how about all the presets i bought in the Moog internet shop? Have i got to re-install them as well? Maybe i have to “re-buy”…..?
    Ah, come on: Moog, please, correct this!

      1. Of course they are: my comment about buying again my presets was just ironic! The point is: “How about an update which mess your software up?”
        Come on Moog: please, fix it!!!

  3. I had the crash problem after update, but I deleted and reinstalled and all is working well. Midi out with vst in logic works well.
    But…..I didn’t read about export my presets, so I lost all the preset I created with the former version. 🙁

  4. Go to the running apps dock and hold down on the animoog icon. When it starts shaking press the x to delete it from the dock. Try running it again in the normal way. If it does not work, delete and reinstall again.

  5. Well, it is easy to reinstal the app it self but how about expansion pack ?
    For exemple when i click buy in the moog web site for the divine expansion pack it opens app store with the page of animoog and not Divine expansion pack.
    I’m not happy

  6. The Neysayer has to chime in….am I the only synthesist that just does not care for Moog products? Here comes the ‘comment hidden due to low rating’…lol I mean really now, is it that hard for well paid commercial software engineers to make a reliable update for iOS?

  7. Does anyone know hot to sort presets into the new folder system? For example I backed up and reinstalled Animoog and dropped the “Movement” preset pack into Animoog from iTunes but I can’t figure out how to move the presets to any of the various new folder categories. The new presets all go to the uncategorized “.” at the top of the Animoog directory. Anyone know how to move them to the folders?

    1. Once you’ve selected a bank (say USER) and have edited o concocted a new sound, Saving that sound will place it within the sound folder you’ve started out with.
      I hope this helps 🙂

  8. @javafix
    Thank you very much for your help. That seems so obvious now, and works fine for moving around my presets into the various folders.

  9. I cant purchase the midi out in-app. When I hit on the Store tab I get Restore Purchases, and when I click on it nothing happens. Anyone?

  10. The better news: They just updated the app to fix the crashing this evening…just in time for me to figure out that it was crashing!

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