Theme For The Airtight Garage – Cary Grace On The Buchla 200

Sunday Synth Jam: UK composer & producer Cary Grace performs an impromptu improvisation on the Buchla 200 Series Electric Music Box. 

Grace produces The Airtight Garage, a podcast that features space rock, psychedelia and the ‘lost gems of yesteryear’.

via Cary Grace

6 thoughts on “Theme For The Airtight Garage – Cary Grace On The Buchla 200

  1. How come I can’t find the podcast when I search for it on iTunes or with the Podcast app? I assume it would be “FromFM – The Airtight Garage”. Would love to give it listen at work.

  2. Every time I listen to a Buchla demonstrations I feel like I’m in the engine room of the Heart of Gold. Does anyone make melodic music with them? Do the experiments ever lead to more conventional music? Not that I really care, do whatchalike, I’d just like to hear the opposite of what I normally hear coming out of these Goliaths.

    1. Check out Sonoio, a project by Alessandro Cortini (ex-Nine Inch Nails, Modwheelmood). This project is basically all from the Buchla along with a Jomox drum machine. He’s also done some drone like music with it, but the Sonoio albums have a pop song structure with a distinctly analog synth sound.

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