5 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes With Queen Keyboardist Spike Edney

  1. I thought the sounds where really crap and bland. It is a shame they couldnt have got some analogues in to do such music. A juno 106 would sound ten times better than that lame string sound.
    I saw Peter Hook playing both Joy Division albums, and again the thing that let it down was the lame keyboard sounds. Weird that peoples ears arent telling em hang on mate it sounds too clean and bland.

  2. You put that really well. It is pretty much what it sounded like.
    I have had synths for 27 years, I would struggle to create such shit sound even if I wanted to.
    It is the same when you hear these companies selling synths and they stay within such safe margins of sounds.
    Keep Music fucked up,that is my motto. It isn’t bland music that inspires people.

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