Vangelis – Elegy for Cello and Orchestra

OT: This is a bit off topic – but this video captures the world premiere of Elegy for Cello and Orchestra, new composition by Vangelis presented in Moscow, Vivacello Festival, September 27th, 2011.

No synths and no appearance by Vangelis. He wrote the Elegy specifically for this festival.

2 thoughts on “Vangelis – Elegy for Cello and Orchestra

  1. This video and the one recently posted showing him improvising in a classical style have given me new respect for Vangelis.

    I still live his 70s-80s synth music the best, but this is beautiful, too.

  2. Definite respect for this man. I think an element of true art is pushing beyond your comfort zone…of what is typical of your approach and technique. It’s clear that Vangelis continues to challenge himself here and he drinks from the fountain of curiosity, which is the mother of all art.

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