Moog Lives! 1969 R.A. Moog Modular Synthesizer Restored

Dan () from Acoustica Software demonstrates his dream synth – a rare 1969 Moog modular:

I fulfilled a life-long dream by buying a 1969 Moog Modular system.

This system was custom-ordered by Rick Powell, a musician and friend of Bob Moog, and was used on a number of pretty bad Moog albums in the 70s.

When I got it it had been restored by one of the top technicians in the United States but had been sitting for a while. The jacks were dirty and the keyboard was entirely non-functional. I shot this video just after getting the keyboard cleaned up and working. I had just reassembled and polished the wood on the keyboard’s cabinet.

This system is a dream to play. It’s far more stable (due to factory stability mods) than I could have hoped for, and the filter is just amazing. This patch shows two 901A oscillators tracking together through the resonant low-pass filter in a typical Minimoog-style setup, with the third 901 oscillator acting as LFO for the filter.

Better yet – there’s a few slots to fill…….

via Jason

7 thoughts on “Moog Lives! 1969 R.A. Moog Modular Synthesizer Restored

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  2. This is a really special rig. The feeling I get from watching him play this particular instrument just proves that analogue will never disappear!

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