Laibach – Warm Leatherette

Laibach covers The Normal’s Warm Leatherette.

“A Laibachised song is sometimes more kitsch, sometimes more serious and sometimes more emotional than the “old original” it is based on,” says author Alexei Monroe. “Laibachisation re- and de-animates a song, reviving it for long enough to dispatch it again.”

10 thoughts on “Laibach – Warm Leatherette

  1. Hmmm… I like Laibach a lot, both old and new. I like WAT a lot. However, I found this cover a bit sterile. There’s no irony present that makes most of Laibach’s material so intelligent and enjoyable. When I listen to Normal’s version, I feel like I’m doing something I shouldn’t, which is what makes it fun.

    That said, new Laibach material is new Laibach material, which is always welcome.

  2. To get perspectives right: The original is by Grace Jones from around 1980. Synths probably by Wally Badarou. Very recommended, as many early Grace Jones records. “Walking in the rain” is another classic.

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