rsTouch iPad Controller For Propellerhead Reason

Delora Software has released rsTouch – a dedicated iPad control app for Propellerhead Reason.

rsTouch provides multi-touch control for the Propellerhead Reason Mixer & Transport functions. With rsTouch and a MIDI connection, you can record, play back, and mix Reason songs from anywhere in your studio.


  • Always available Transport controls, including “jog strip”
  • Big Meter” display
  • Timecode & bar-beat “LCD”
  • Tempo setting & display
  • Undo, Redo
  • Control Reason’s “Main Mixer” and “Master Section” functions using multitouch rotaries, faders, and buttons that mimic Reason (including color coding)
  • Main Mixer view:
    • Channel names and numbers
    • 8 mixer channels at a time
    • Bank buttons (by 1 or 8)
    • Bank change swipe gesture
    • Four programmable bank buttons
    • Long-throw channel faders; levels shown in dB
    • Mute and solo; clear all mutes or solos
    • Channel VU level meters
    • Channel pan; value displayed with “LED” ring and numeric value
    • Channel effects sends & enables (8 per channel)
    • Channel insert: Bypass, 4 rotaries, 4 buttons
    • Channel EQ; controls on 3 switchable/scrollable views
    • Channel compressor and gate; controls on 2 switchable/scrollable views
  • Master view:
    • 8 Master sends and returns
    • Master insert: bypass, 4 rotaries & buttons
    • Master bus compressor
    • Long-throw master level fader; level shown in dB
    • Master level VU and Peak meter
    • Control Room settings popup

rsTouch is available now in the App Store.

Note: Read details and requirements before purchasing.

If you’ve used rsTouch, let us know what you think of it!

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