DrumJam Now Available For iPad, iPhone


Developer Sonosaurus has released DrumJam – described as ‘a whole new world of percussion and drums for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch’.

DrumJam is designed by percussionist Pete Lockett and Sonosaurus, the developer of ThumbJam.

Here’s a video overview of DrumJam in action:


Here’s what they have to say about DrumJam:

Through his decades of studio experience Pete has become a master of layering various percussion instruments into mesmerising rhythm fabrics and flowing grooves. Shakers and congas interwoven with Indian ghatam, pop drum set and Arabic req or else a Carnatic kanjira with some Cuban bongos, Latin cowbells, rock drum kit, seed shakes and surdu. There are dozens of different looped instruments to choose from, each with up to 20 different patterns. You can change the levels, alter the pan, mute, solo, and tweak a low-pass filter giving you a great degree of flexibility over each individual part. Or simply press the random button to randomise all (or some) the parts and get some really funky and unexpected changes. It can even automatically randomise periodically for hands-free unpredictability. The excellent time stretch system and multiple-tempo loop recordings mean that you can get great natural sounding audio across a wide tempo range.

Pick from a wide range of solo instruments where you can jam away over the top of the grooves you create. These include all sorts of ethnic percussion instruments from Kanjira and Ghatam, to Djembe, Bongos, Dube and Cajon, and more. There are also custom drum kits from great drummers such as Johnny Rabb, Russ Miller, KJ Sawka, Dave Langguth, Steve Sidelnyk and Scott Pellegrom. With a detailed and complete range of quantize options performed by simply dragging your fingers around, it is possible for even the absolute novice to get some funky grooves immediately.

There are also incredible filter, pitch bend, delay, reverb, lofi, and distortion effects available for the solo instruments, which really adds a whole new dimension of live performance possibilities. With multiple save and export options, it is possible to record loops or a whole performance to later import into your DAW or other audio app as 44.1kHz 16-bit WAV files. This is great for studio use and can form the basis of a new song idea very easily.

DrumJam supports export via iTunes file sharing, open directly in another app, email, AudioCopy, and export to SoundCloud. There is support for background audio, and a comprehensive MIDI implementation that supports clock sync in and out to lock in with whatever you have via CoreMidi to/from hardware devices, network MIDI, or other apps using virtual MIDI ports. You can even play the solo kits externally triggered via MIDI input, and output your live pad performance via MIDI output!

DrumJam is available in the App Store, currently priced at $3.99.

9 thoughts on “DrumJam Now Available For iPad, iPhone

  1. it’s simply been superb finger fiddling with this app so far!
    And inspiring in terms of grooves and kit variety no doubt.
    Has some really great samples and features and receives midi notes and playback just fine
    Using the IoDock and windows via Motto 8x8midi. During sequence playback the sync clock on drumjam (currently) drifts quite a lot not keeping up with its master clock while sucessfully receiving a start message and only maye for a few bars holding up to the pro studio demand ( same problem with the ielectribe on this configuration) but it still is a fresh take (and a very successful1imho) on a high end drum app for iPad.

  2. The best drum app for ios bar none! This is superb! The fx ( crush, lofi, delay, reverb etc) are great when used alongside, ed the drummer is my new hero!!
    So much for £2.50, grab ASAP

    1. How can anyone put thumbs down for being honest about a great and much needed and appreciated app? Do you realise how much hard work and collaboration went into it? This app even has serious educational value…
      Geez, we are not talking about skrillex here- keep it positive, the devs need great promo on this app, think about how negativity affects publicity

    2. I wish to add that all the samples and fx are very good, the app is so stable unlike many drum apps that crash. It audio copies perfectly. Credit where credit is due, drumjam and even thumbjam are of the highest calibre of apps that can be used for production and live purposes. All for £2.50, it’s nothing short of a miracle and will empower many to make amazing beats

  3. Excellent percussion sounds, ease of use, and FUN playability! I’m hoping they make more percussion sounds available! I have several drum machines and drum-synths, but not many with great authentic acoustic drums and world percussion, and this has amazing quality and playability for the price.

    Besides my own music making, I also teach Music in public school and could see the students going crazy over this! I’d also like to see more diverse world percussion instruments here…in due time hopefully! Great buy! THANKS.

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