Raspberry Pi MS Synth Takes Over Korg MS20 Controller

Peter Kirn of CDM posted today about this awesome Frankensynth DIY project, the Raspberry Pi MS Synth:

What’s better than waiting for someone to make something, though? Making it yourself. Friend of the site Marc Resibois hooks up the KORG-manufactured MS-20 Legacy Collection USB Controller, a short-lived but fantastic hardware accessory for the company’s plug-ins, to the US $25 Raspberry Pi. The result is a workable, self-contained, digital synth. (This has all-new synth code, so think of it more as a new synth than an MS-20 clone.)

And it’s a reminder that KORG could learn something from its users about the legacy we love so dearly.

The Raspberry Pi is a cheap, tiny computer that’s beginning to gain popularity as a platform for hacking, including synth hacking. See our previous post on a Raspberry Pi Synthesizer for another example.

5 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi MS Synth Takes Over Korg MS20 Controller

  1. Give us control, control and control.

    Some of us aren’t phased about analogue vs digital (especially if a synth can sound as good as DIVA), but want real time control, without the randomness of some midi controllers.
    Creamware did it with the ASBs and I personally think it’s a winner.

  2. Little off-topic here, but I wonder why the ms-20 controller was indeed so short lived. Maybe the timing was wrong for a product like that. I really hope they bring it back to manufacturing!

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