Interstellar Suite Getting 25th Anniversary Surround Sound Mix & More

At the 2012 NAMM Show, I had the opportunity to talk with composers Amin Bhatia and Dave Gross about a project that they were starting – a surround sound version of Bhatia’s orchestral electronica classic, The Interstellar Suite.

Bhatia is probably best known for his soundtrack work for television, film and iMax projects, including Flashpoint, Iron Eagle II, and John Woo’s Once A Thief.

But Bhatia kicked off his career with an orchestral electronica album, The Interstellar Suite, that was inspired in part by his love of the soundtracks of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith and in part by the classitronica works of synthesists like Isao Tomita. The suite features 9 sections, orchestrated for layers of synthesizers (Roland JX 10; Yamaha TX 816; Oberheim Expander; and a Minimoog) and a pair of crash cymbals.

For 25 years, The Interstellar Suite has been a cult classic for synth fans. It was released on vinyl on Capitol Records’ Cinema label, but went out of print when the label closed up shop.

Now, to celebrate the Suite’s anniversary, Bhatia is making new surround mixes, in both binaural and 5.1 versions. In addition, Bhatia is doing an IndieGoGo campaign to go further and create some special edition items for hardcore fans, including T-shirts, CDs, a book on the creation of the Suite, rarities and more.

Details are available at The Interstellar Suite project site.

Disclosure: Bhatia is also running a banner ad on Synthtopia to promote the Anniversary editions.

2 thoughts on “Interstellar Suite Getting 25th Anniversary Surround Sound Mix & More

  1. Great news!

    If you’re not familiar with it, the Interstellar Suite is a must have for synth fans. It sounds a bit like if Tomita did a sci-fi soundtrack, instead of arranging classical pieces.

    The mix that’s available on iTunes actually already sounds great, but the binaural and surround versions should be very cool to hear, too.

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