Interactive Sound Installation With Percussa AudioCubes

Saturday Synth Porn: Kim Pedersen & Nick Rothwell made this interactive sound installation using Percussa AudioCubes. For this project, using the AudioCubes was more efficient than developing the installation from scratch using low level tools.

The AudioCubes can sense distances and detect each other’s position and location in a network. And you can build a network of cubes, consisting of 16 AudioCubes per USB connection.

This sort of ambient, interactive installation seems particularly well suited to the AudioCubes interface and aesthetic.

Concept, music and sounds by Dreamhub
Control software by Nick Rothwell [cassiel]

via Percussa


3 thoughts on “Interactive Sound Installation With Percussa AudioCubes

  1. Very sweet. I’m definitely in love with these Percussa audiocubes. I’ve been following their technology for quite a while, and I keep being impressed. Definitely gotta grab some one day !

  2. Very bitter and totally overpriced. To get the newest software you have to pay a yearly subscription fee. And the cubes are really just infrared sensors and that’s it… sold mine after 2 years of trying to rid of them for 180€ for four of them.

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