Arturia MiniBrute Now Shipping In Europe

Arturia reports that MiniBrute synthesizer production has ramped up and that they are now shipping in Europe:

Dear friends and musicians,

The situation related to the supply of MiniBrute units is nearly solved!

We have now shipped larger batches of products to the USA, Japan and Australia. Pretty much every dealer has received units by now. Two weeks ago, more units were delivered to European stores. This was limited supply but more products were sent last Friday so more are on the way.

Our move to a new plant was done successfully, and even though it stopped production for a few weeks, we are confident that we will be able to deliver units to the stores on a regular basis.
We want to thank you for your understanding and patience.


The Arturia team

 If you’ve been waiting to get a MiniBrute, let us know where you are and when you expect to get your synth!

16 thoughts on “Arturia MiniBrute Now Shipping In Europe

  1. I’m still waiting on my order from Sweetwater. I was told “November” a few weeks ago, but this news from Arturia might change that. I just e-mailed my sales contact and am awaiting a response.

  2. Again, no transparency at all from Arturia.
    “Now” shipping just a few units for the extremely lucky ones.
    But “will” start shipping in Europe at the end of the month (maybe ? who really knows)
    It’s a French company and they ship in Australia before France.
    Now imagine an American company shipping France before America… You get the feeling. Would be a shitstorm.

  3. Ordered mine at a french retailer on july 13th ; they gave me a provisional date of September 5th.
    And I received it on September 9th. 🙂

    It’s an awesome synth … Love it; and it works great with my modular.

  4. No,my trust is gone in this company.
    False promises,false delivery dates,none or very poor reactions from support,the thing that Denis mentioned,leaving retailers behind like shit (in Europe),Still today people in Europe don’t know when they get the pre orders.Even after reading this on Synthopia they still don’t know.
    I cancelled mine end of April because I had a bad feeling about the delivery date,after that now the mophox4 is in the shops in Europe and DSI got my synthmoney now.
    I refuse to buy the minibrute in the future simple because the poor support I got in the past with other products.
    I love synths but this company asked to much from me.

  5. For those of us in the US, I just ordered one from Guitar Center today and should have it early next week. The trick is to order it directly from the store. My city of residence is out of them, so I got it from a neighboring city. Best of all, I got it on sale using an online coupon code.

    I initially tried going through GC mail order, but there are 51 on back order through them. They are getting more Sept. 26 for those of you who are looking. Hope that helps some of you. Best of luck.

  6. I live in the United States. I ordered my Minibrute two weeks ago and will wait patiently with hopes to receive it before the winter is out.

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