AudioBus Coming To Animoog, Filtatron

It looks like Moog Music is planning on supporting Audiobus – the upcoming system for routing audio between iOS apps.  Discchord’s Tim Webb pointed us to this exchange on the Moog forum:

Member StewD asks “Please… Audiobus for both Animoog and Filtatron!”

The response, via Moog’s Amos Gaynes, is a simple “OK.”

It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings – but this is interesting news for anyone already anticipating the release of Audiobus.

14 thoughts on “AudioBus Coming To Animoog, Filtatron

  1. I am hard now; always loved Filtatron but never really used it because of the closed nature of the app. I wonder if the forthcoming iOS 6 update is going to mess with the Audiobus app, or whether it’s been timed just right so as not to.

  2. AudioBus is NOT coming anytime soon I’m afraid… 🙁
    Synthtopia, please investigate your posts thoroughly before posting – going live… 😉

    1. The post doesn’t state that Audiobus is coming “soon.” That was your fabrication. All the post says is that Moog has indicated they will implement Audiobus into their apps.

      Not sure why you’re being so negative over a simple announcement.

  3. Just read this post on another forum and thought I’d copy/paste to clarify a few things about Audiobus!
    “Hi folks,
    Co-creator of Audiobus here.
    Thanks to [other forum] for mentioning Audiobus!
    I just want to clarify that Audiobus is NOT a mixer or multi-track recording tool. It can be used to connect mixers and multi-track recording apps if they support Audiobus though.
    Also: Audiobus is NOT going to be be released in the next few days. Some first group of developers we give access to the technology still need to add it to their apps (and release updated versions of them on the App Store) and we need to run extensive betatests.

  4. I have still a lot of sounds in Filtatron sample player now , wonder if I upgrade to the Audiobus supported version if they will still be there… 🙂

  5. Jesus! I had forgotten filtraton!! It sounds like a million dollars, but it was pretty much useless on its own. Its one of the best filters I have ever heard.

  6. i wonder how much moog is gonna charge users for this? will audiobus functionality in animoog cost as much as midi out and fart jokes? im sure they’ll milk it for as much cash as they can…

  7. Ooooooh yeaaaahhh!!!!!!! Audiobus to Filtatron :D:D I _love_ Filtatron. Been using it alot. And beeing able to tweak with it live would be a dream come true:)

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