Propellerhead Updates Figure For iPhone With AudioCopy, WIST

Propellerhead today released an update to Figure, its beatmaking app for the iPhone.

Here’s what’s new in Figure 1.2:

  • AudioCopy—enabling pasting of Figure audio directly into AudioPaste or Pasteboard compatible apps on iOS
  • WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology)—simultaneously start two iOS devices with compatible apps
  • Additional new atonal / chromatic scale mode
  • Performance pads now have a grid

Propellerhead Figure is available for $.99 in the App Store.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the new version of Figure!

11 thoughts on “Propellerhead Updates Figure For iPhone With AudioCopy, WIST

  1. Not having this app on your iOS device is insane. But If you were already insane for other prior reasons even before the creation of iOS devices then my statement does not count.

    (Yes it is a joke, relax internetS, relax)

  2. It took them two months to introduce the following:
    – AudioCopy
    – WIST
    – Additional new atonal / chromatic scale mode
    – Performance pads now have a grid

    Seems a lot of time “just” for this. I’m hoping this is due to the Prop’s iOS developers working on another iOS App 😉

    1. I used Figure non stop since day one. I used the analog output of my ipad, sent the tracks to Reason, bit crushed the hell out of them, buffred them to death with a gentle wisper of RV7000. Then I exported those tracks to iTunes when I wanted to. Now I shall send those beats to other apps on my iPad…
      It is a + to know Figure gets updated. It is a + to know there is no reason to wait to be creative with the tools you have now in the state they are now.

  3. I was hoping some interesting features…but I guess now all rudimentary features are complete, and at least they seem to work faster than Alchemy.

    Open up the synth engine, even if slightly. Or, indeed, make a new synth app altogether.

  4. Good update, I’ve used it a few times in a four track setting which I may do again but this update will let me export loops to nanostudio. The I kaosolator is still better due to the live record feature but I did pay ten times as much for it.

  5. Excelent update, but it would be nice if Props could recognise the existence of iPad as well and update this App to Universal 😉

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