Double MiniBrute Looping Jam FTW

This by Jacobo Abreo is a promo video for the new Arturia MiniBrute, but it’s also an impressive double MiniBrute synth jam:

French-Colombian composer Jacobo Abreo impressed us with his video showcasing two MiniBrutes in action.

From synthetic drums to heavy basslines and bright leads, Jacobo delivers an impressive panorama of the MiniBrute’s palette in a stunning performance.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

27 thoughts on “Double MiniBrute Looping Jam FTW

    1. where do you live? If you live in the US, I suggest searching for it in store on the guitar center website. I ordered mine last Thursday and picked it up on Monday in store. I searched the guitar center website and found one in a neighboring city. They shipped it down for free. I also used a 12% off coupon. I tried ordering online, but at the time, there were 51 on backorder. I prefer other venders, but like you said, no one has it. I’m not sure why GC is able to get them in store, but they are getting more Sept. 26, or so the GC guy on the phone told me.

      The build leaves a little to be desired, but it sounds awesome. For instance, the envelope amount knob for the square wave is a little squirrelly and offers less resistance when turning the knob compared to others. However, it’s small, light, and I got it for $430. No brainer. Hope that info helps people. It kills me that people ordered in January and still haven’t gotten the thing.

      1. Thanks for the advice. I found one and it’s on its way to my local GC store. I was even able to get $100 off by using the “SAVE200” coupon code. The code didn’t work, but after starting an online chat session from the code denial popup, the customer service rep gave me an alternate code that worked. $429.92 after tax.

        1. Awesome! That seriously makes me happy. I tried using the same code, but it didn’t work. Sounds like you used the same one as me. Hope you like it. Have fun monitoring the UPS shipping progress. 😉

  1. Wow….an actual synth performance posted on this site that sounded good….with a nice guitar solo at the end to boot?!? Maybe the end of the world issss drawing nigh!

    1. have to agree, there’s a point where he doubles the bassline and the original bassline changes despite allegedly being looped, plus there are sweeps in the filter setting on the arp later in the track again despite allegedly just being a loop.
      But meh, having said that, very cool performance and the minibrute is sounding great. Kinda wish I didn’t cancel my never-ending back order now between this vid and the Adrian Utley one.

      1. Yeah, I noticed this, too. Also some very convenient side-chain compression magically occuring at times. Sounds super great, but definitely a mock live performance.

  2. When I saw the shades and guitar I thought what is this, That is 100 percent great piece of music and beautifully performed. Well done and respect from another electronic musician.
    Great tune, get it out on vinyl.

  3. That was great. Lol at the side chain compression though. First drum sounds I’ve heard from the minibrute and they sound pretty good. Looking forward to getting this little beastie and running my virus through it.

  4. Anyone know what the looper pedals he uses are?

    I didn’t think I was in the market for an analog monosynth, but now I’m not so sure…

    1. I’d love to know about the loopers too. Looks like there’s two of them, and I imagine they’re synchronized to each other. Just what I want to do in my band.

  5. Did anyone notice that he has a photo of himself there on the back wall? A bit dodgy, that. The music’s okay, though, which is what’s important.

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