Roland Integra-7 In Depth

Product specialist Gareth Bowen¬†stopped by Sonic State’s Sonic Lab to discuss Roland’s new Integra-7 sound module.

The discussion does a great job of not just covering the capabilities of the Integra-7, but also exploring Roland’s vision for module – who would use it and how it fits into studio and performance setups.

via sonicstate

4 thoughts on “Roland Integra-7 In Depth

  1. Its a great idea to build a new sound mudule/rompler that combines the history of Roland. However, they missed the most obvious thing that people want in 2012, computer integration. If you are going to release this, have a AU, RTAS, VST plug in that is ready to work in the Integra seamlessly into our DAW’s. DUH. THat should be first on the list with making a new hardware soundmodule.

    BTW hardware equipped with plugin control should work with all DAW’s not just your pick like cakewalk.

  2. I think Roland integra-7 has a DAW app for Sonar X1 as Roland is associated with Cakewalk. I fully agree that having just 4 slots to load expansion sounds is a really stupid idea. All sounds from all boards should be available and addressable by bank and patch commands.

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