8 thoughts on “Best Shop Window Ever?

  1. My dad told me stories many times about how someone threw a brick through his coin shop window to grab about $20 worth of collector coins. For some reason, this picture made me think of that story 🙂

    1. You’re reading my mind. Get thee behind me… and don’t push.
      Except in this case, I’m thinking it’ll need a cinder block and a pickup truck.

  2. SwitchedOn is the coolest store I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to. Their wonderful salesman (Chad) took me from “looking” at EuroRack modules to buying a whole system from them in about 10 seconds flat. Be very careful if you enter this wonderful shoppe with money as you will probably part with it before you leave.

  3. It’s a great store. I was just there yesterday and had a great time. Just: be careful walking in there with a credit card.

    I, too, wondered about having that big Moog Modular right up there in the front window, but the area around the store is quite “gentrified” and doesn’t seem like a high-crime zone. Also, suppose I’m a drug addict and I break in and snag the Moog Modular — where in hell am I going to pawn something like *that*?

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