Live Modular Synthesizer Techno Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live modular synthesizer minimal techno jam, via reader Jason Job, aka musicalgeometry.

Technical details below:

This is a live minimal techno jam that is mostly composed of a patch on the eurorack modular with some accompaniment on a Yamaha CS-10.

The kick is synthesized with a TipTopAudio Z3000, Maths and an Intellijel uVCA which is being sequenced by a uStep. The bass is another Z3000 being shaped by a PEG and the uVCA and goes through a Toppobrillo Multifilter. The pitched percussion is an E350 Morphing Terrarium sequenced by the uStep and shaped with the PEG and a Malekko VCA. The pitch of the E350 is being modulated by an MFB dual LFO and it also runs through a TipTopAudio Z2040 filter.

I get various timbres from the E350 by switching between the 3 banks of waveforms. Delay is a Strymon El Capistan. Everything was recorded straight into Ableton and the only post processing done was to add a bit of buss compression.

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