Moog Intros Glow In The Dark Etherwave Theremin

Moog Music today introduced the Glow In The Dark Etherwave Theremin – a limited edition version of the Etherwave that embraces the theremin’s association with everything scary.

Here’s what they have to say about the Glow In The Dark Etherwave Theremin:

It’s almost Halloween again, time to drink witches brew with creatures of the night and let the unearthly sounds of the Theremin float through the ether. In celebration of the holiday we’ve created a glow in the dark version of our Etherwave Theremin. Play at night and let the unearthly glow guide your hand. Only 200 exist so act quickly.

Here’s a preview of this evil beast in action:

The Glow In The Dark Etherwave Theremin is available via a limited set of dealers, listed at the Moog site, for $499.

16 thoughts on “Moog Intros Glow In The Dark Etherwave Theremin

  1. Egads, poor Robert turns over in his grave to what his deranged money grubbing offspring enscribe.. What will be next years endeavor?

  2. Improving it by adding Thierry Frenekl’s module would have been an improvement. This should sell them about 10 more Etherwaves this Halloween from people who will keep it in the closet until next Halloween.

  3. I think what Moog really needs to do is hire some MIT grads, give them a lot of money, and give us a real advancement worthy of the name.

  4. BTW -I haven’t played my Etherwave since I bought a Harrison Instruments Model 302. It doesn’t need an add on module to play bass notes and
    the plate antennas make it far easier to play accurately and hold a steady note. It is also costs less.

  5. Casio slapped a new coat of paint on and wants to sell more units. Moog slaps glow in the dark on and wants to sell more units. korg inverts the colors of the black and white keys and now wants to move more units. This is about music not paint jobs.

    1. Yes? Watcha gonna do?

      These are musical instruments; there doesn’t have to be new model every year. Nor should there be new model every year; I welcome longer R&D. Meanwhile new paint jobs are fine for the friends of those colors.

    1. “Introducing the new Moog Turdimin! The same damn theremin you’ve been hearing for the past 100 years, in the shape of a turd!”

      I’d buy it.

  6. Chezzdog, Bob Moog’s “offspring” run the Bob Moog Foundation ( a non-profit educational organization. The current owner of Moog Music is not a member of the Moog family.

  7. i think it looks pretty cool actually..

    I’m not such a fan when it comes to the lit up Voyagers, i think they look pretty tacky.

  8. Peter Pringle – “I am reminded of the famous deluional opera singer.Florence Foster Jenkins . . . ”

    He had no idea he was describing himself.

    Are thereminnazis evil?.

    Nah, evil hits the note, holds it steady and doesn’t use vibrato all the time. Like those who can actually play the thrice damned instruemnt.

    Damn number 1 – a pole antenna.
    Damn number 2 – playing while standing
    Damn number 3 – aerial fingering..

    Now what do you think of people who ban a musician freom an online forum because he has the wrong kind of last name?


    Hell, I am not even baptized.

    Stupd bigots do not qualify as evil either.

    1. Thumbs down?

      Stupid bigots at Levnet don’t like being called out.

      Hating people because they are not a member of what you THINK is your “tribe” is wrong.

      I liked it better when I thought you levnutters hated me for my music and easy to play theremin, but then I found out the real reason. Such people are incapable of shame.

      ThereminNazis – the name suits Levnutters perfectly. Even more so after I found out it was just “racial and ethnic” crap from people who should know better.

      BTW – What part of posting about stealing software do you think is vital to the theremin community, levnutters? (CRL and PP)

      1. Thumbs down?

        Stupid bigots at Levnet don’t like being called out.

        “This video is a wonderful illustration of the great tragedy of the theremin. Namely, that those who have been its most enthusiastic and tireless promoters have historically been those least equipped to play it!

        “Keep up the great work”……?

        You gotta be f***king kidding!

        I understand if you’re just trying to b Mr. Niceguy, but if you really believe this is “great work” then you’re part of the problem (and quite possibly deaf as well).

        This performance makes the GONG SHOW look like the Metropolitan Opera.” – Peter Pringle

        What an asset.

  9. I’ve got one of those theremins!

    Well, okay, I’ve got an etherwave and a brush, and can go out and get a £4 tin of glow-in-the-dark paint.

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