The Roland Juno 6

The Roland Juno 6 is a vintage (pre-MIDI) six-voice polyphonic synthesizer keyboard that features a basic 1 oscillator per voice architecture. Despite the basic architecture, though, the Juno 6 synth’s filters and chorus help give it a huge sound.

This video, via bcastromusic, showcases the Rolan Juno 6’s amazing sound and capabilities.

If you’ve used the Roland Juno 6, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

8 thoughts on “The Roland Juno 6

  1. A much loved synth this one. I used a Juno and a DX-7 for several school performances, many years back (1986-87!!!) very reliable. No memories, a relatively thin sound with the chorus off, but nice sounding and easy to work with synth. I think the Juno was single oscillator but it digitally multiplied and scanned i.e. organ style sound generation, hence the thinner sound. Still a nice synth and forgotten over its more programmable sibling the Juno 60. Nice keyboard action too.

  2. I loved mine, I really regret swapping it for a 106. Such a thick sound, and the EG modulated PWM was surprisingly good at clav-type sounds

  3. It isn’t vco or organ technology.
    There’s six digital counters inside.
    Give them a number and they produce a pitch.
    DCOs to some people, but not digitally controlled analog oscillators.

    1. Common misconception there, they are in fact true DCOs, using a digital clocking signal to control an otherwise analogue circuit. The signal path is truly analogue, the only DAC is the one used to output the clocking signal to the oscillator (trust me, I know the schematics of this thing virtually inside out!)

  4. There’s no misconception other than a dishonest one.
    Truly… go look at the schematics.
    The part making your “analog” tones is a *digital* chip called a 8253.
    Go to Wikipedia and type in “8253” and it will take you straight there.
    Now that you’re there, you can see that it’s a digital interval timer.
    Nothing analog about it.
    Just because someone amplifies a digital square wave, doesn’t make that square wave an analog source.
    If that’s so, your Ipod and CD players would be considered analog too.
    “Misconception?” Nope.. ignorance. Go study electronics before you speak.

    1. digitally tuned (controlled), some would say sterile, but that’s exactly why these machine were sought after.

  5. I have a vintage working Juno 6 for sale. It belonged to my father. I have no idea of the value but if you are interested make me an offer. All of my research indictes this is a sought after edition of the Juno, so make your offer fair and keep in mind it will need to be shipped. I will entertain all offers. Thank you.

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