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  1. Sorry to be a wiseacre, but I think the title of this post is a bit misleading. In fact, the video shows how this synth was constructed using SynthMaker (http://synthmaker.co.uk/) which has more similarity to something like NI Reaktor or Cycling ’74 Max/MSP.

    I know that many plug-ins are constructed with this visual programming tool and that’s just fine. But I think it is important to point out that most commercial plug-in manufacturers actually code their VSTs / AUs, since they can optimize the performance way better without the ballast of a pregiven development environment.

    There are quite a few nice tutorials about plug-in coding, if anyone is interested. I don’t want to generalize, but in my point of view that is a more professional approach than SynthMaker:

  2. Respect for putting together what looks to be a pretty impressive vst, but holy hell was that one boring ass video. Next time, less video and more sound samples.

  3. Yes, it was quite plodding, but it still works, because that IS how its done, basically. When you see people getting fussy over a plug, remember what a delicate balance has to be struck between creativity of design and coding all of the components into shape. Good techs are usually not the best composers and people I know who compose are likewise not generally great technicians. Some do cross over a bit, but to each person their own strengths as well as lacks.

    A bad synth deserves its rep and an ill fate, but one that is even passably usable? Its just the peak of a mountain of work. Add that to your considerations when a new toy or an upgrade appears. I’m grateful for the privilege of living well enough to even argue the point. I once had to load synth patch data from cassettes, $#@! Having it on flash drives now is like being offered a light sabre to carve the Xmas goose. Welcome to the world of casual magic.

  4. Hello friends. I am Dr. Speaker Blower, the creator of the synth and I made this video too.

    About the title: it IS how you make a plugin. You can make it in hard code of course but both are VSTis and you use it the same way. It´s not the same of course, but both are VSTIs. You can see in Youtube “how its made” a Rolls Royce and a Porsche, both expensive and good cars, and you can see different approaches… Robot work vs hand work… both are cars… and expensive!

    About the video: It is not a super video, it has not girls in bikini and it has not explosions. It is a simple video and it shows (as in the description) its main features and takes you inside it. Here you got another “making of” a plugin. It is not the same (it is a modelled plugin out of a hardware piece) but you can see the differences. Anyway it is hard coded but… what do you see about it? 5 seconds and out of focus? But a nice video… My goal was to show things… not hide them…


    I want to add that the purpose of this video is to give you the insights of a plugin that you can use. You can see how it was made. Just that. I am not claiming anything with it. And I was never expecting many views! I have videos with 20 views… I found this website as I searched for the title as I didn´t understand how it had 300 views in one day without any advertising!

    I just want to finish by saying that this synth was originally built for myself and for my own usage and I just made it free as I probably won´t update it. So you can use it if it fits your system and your likings!

    Have fun with it and be happy!

    Cheers from Portugal!

  5. I thought you only needed one male VSTi and one female VSTi, which hopefully would research in a new little beta VSTi.

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