Analogue Solutions Concussor Modular Synth Drum Modules

Saturday Synth Porn: Here’s an up close and personal look at the Analogue Solutions Concussor line of modular synth drum modules.

The Concussor modules feature pure analog voice circuitry. Many of the modules emulate the sound of classic Roland analog drums sounds.

Technical details below:

This video features a brief overview of some of the Concussor drum modules in use — note: the modules being triggered via the MT9, MIDI-TRIG module from Analogue Solutions.

The GT8, 8-step gate sequencer is also featured at the onset, triggering the modules via clock from the Oberkorn MK3 analogue sequencer (Ice Machine edition).

Additionally, the latest Leipzig synthesizer (Leipzig-s) is featured throughout the video running its internal 8-step sequencer (time triggered via MIDI clock in this example). The Leipzig-s provides the bulk of the sonic architecture in the video, with a few ancillary synths thrown in for good measure. Music was created to offer an overview of the drum modules in a musical bed.

As usual, all music is 100% analogue and 100% original.

Details on the Concussor modules are available at the AS site.

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