Matthew Dear Performs ‘Earthforms’ In The Moog Sound Lab

Sunday Synth Jam: Ghostly International co-founder and Moogfest alumni Matthew Dear visited the Moog Sound Lab where he deconstructed and then recreated the song Earthforms from his 2012 LP Beams.

Technical details below:

  • Matthew Dear sings through an MF-104Z Analog Delay for a slapback effect.
  • Greg Paulus plays Trumpet through an MF-104Z Analog Delay using long delay time to harken long repeating echoes of each trumpet line
  • Samer Ghadry is playing the Moog Guitar through an MF-104Z Analog Delay, utilizing the Controlled Sustain mode, which allows him to sustain single strings while the strings he’s not playing are totally muted
  • Ian Chang drives the song using trap-kat drum pads triggering 3 Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Editions. Ian uses the Envelope Gate switch to sustain continuous sound during parts of the song.
  • Danny Scales, rounds out Earthforms with his bass guitar.

3 thoughts on “Matthew Dear Performs ‘Earthforms’ In The Moog Sound Lab

  1. I don’t know the original, but I have the distinct feeling that I wouldn’t like it better than this version. This sounds very interesting. The drums remind me of certain Tom Waits songs for instance and the Bass guitar could have been from a Thomas Leer record. The trumpet did not come through so well as did the guitar. The vocals were probably only nice to my ears because of the slapback echo. I don’t usually like this “constipated” style of singing. Overall, an enjoyable experiment. Refereshingly different from a lot of the stuff on this site.

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