Glitchmachines Intros Biomorph ‘Alien Sci-Fi’ Sound Effects Library

Biomorph is a new sample library, by sound designer Ivo Ivanov, that features sound effects with an alien sci-fi aesthetic.

Here’s what developer Glitch Machines has to say about the library:

This flexible library was specifically designed to be equally geared toward music production, game audio, and multimedia applications. If your next project calls for the sounds of ancient extraterrestrial artifacts, eerie inter-dimensional entities, gritty biomechanical articulations, or foreboding environmental effects, you will undoubtedly find this collection to be an indispensable resource.

Biomorph comes with 2.3 GB of audio content, which has been developed with some of the latest audio processing tools and carefully tagged with Soundminer metadata to facilitate optimized searching and professional database integration. Biomorph also comes with Ableton Live & Kontakt sampler presets for instant playability.

Glitchmachines Biomorph is available now for $59.

11 thoughts on “Glitchmachines Intros Biomorph ‘Alien Sci-Fi’ Sound Effects Library

  1. I’m generally impressed with any decent sound library that isn’t so genre-specific that it doesn’t allow the user enough flex room. This set, OTOH, says “modular” to me. That could include Absynth or Kyma, but its an approach that really draws out sounds not generally feasible from a ROMpler, Kurzweil’s excepted. Programming takes endless hours and a unique sort of creativity. You must not only devise a sound, but shape it to be musically useful. I like to drop in events such as these from bridges and punctuations. Its like a collaboration with the creator of the sound(s). Despite feeling a bit jaded by a lot of the gee-wow, this demo makes the set sound very appealing. Its glitch-like, minus some of the goofiness and excessive distortions. Good work, guys.

  2. Then you should sample your stomach and sell that as a WAV set. 😛 I checked out the freebie and retained about 2/3 of it for future use. That’s a pretty good showing, as things go these days. I’ll save up for this. I could use a nice dose of Wild for my library.

  3. heavily influenced by amon tobin apparently, i recognized sounds common throughout “isam”. Not the same sounds mind you, just similar feel, great sounds for that kind of stuff.

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