The MacBeth X-Series MicroMac-D Synthesizer

MacBeth Micromac D synthesizer

Saturday Synth Porn: Here are the first pics, via Ken MacBeth, of the new MacBeth Studio Systems MicroMac-D desktop analog synthesizer.

MacBeth describes the MicroMac-D as “The fattest vintage sounding desktop analogue synthesizer available.”

Here are a couple more views of the new synth:

Details are still to come on the MicroMac-D, but expect it to be priced atย ยฃ1450.00GBP and to be available in November.

8 thoughts on “The MacBeth X-Series MicroMac-D Synthesizer

  1. Wouldn’t sell my voyager for it, but if there’s poly chaining, I would certainly rather build a poly synth out of this instead of Voyagers. I don’t understand the bitching about the price of these obviously expensive instruments, but I do wish there was at least another filter. You can get 2 Moog Phatts with that price.

    1. Doing a polyphonic macbeth would be easier then polychaining Moogs. You just need a multi-channeled midi-cv converter like an Encore Expressionist.

  2. I can confirm the Micromag is a truly impressive piece of gear! It has definitely a different character than any of the moog – not saying it’s better, it’s different but as exciting as my voyager or phatty. The rack version fits very well into my modular system.

    There are many other exciting modules onthe market and one could argue to buy single modules for that money – but whomever is saying that, neve had hands on a micromac, at least that’s my assesment ๐Ÿ™‚

    To be honest – I would not sell my voyager just to get hands on a micromag. It is however worthwile to save some money and afford a micromag.

    This obviously is my personal view – use it for your convenience or not at all, you’ve got the choice ๐Ÿ™‚


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