Mutemath Performs ‘Allies’, Live In The Moog Sound Lab

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s another live jam from the Moog Sound Lab series, featuring Mutemath performing Allies, from their LP Odd Soul.

Technical details below:

  • Darren King opens the song with the Trap-Kat triggering 3 Minimoog Voyager Rack Mounts through an MF-104Z Analog Delay while masterfully manipulating the Time and Feedback knobs throughout the song with one hand, and drumming with his right hand the whole time.
  • Roy Mitchell-C├írdenas plays his own Minimoog Voyager Select Series through a fuzz box and carries the song with solid bass lines, opening and closing the Filter Cutoff during each chorus.
  • Paul Meany is singing through an MF-104Z Analog Delay for some vocal slapback and uses a Minimoog Voyager XL to control Animoog for polyphonic pads and lead lines.
  • Those lead lines are mirrored by Todd Gummerman., who plays the Little Phatty Stage II through an MF-104Z Analog Delay, playing soft arpeggiated tones to round out the song.

via MoogMusicInc

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