Horrorscapes From Mark Mosher – ‘No Ghosts. Just Fear.’

Boulder, CO based synthesist Mark Mosher has a new album just in time for Halloween – No Ghosts. Just Fear.

Here’s what Mosher has to say about it:

This album contains five original instrumental horror soundscapes by Boulder-based synthesist and composer Mark Mosher. Listen in the dark on a great sound system with a sub-woofer or with good headphones (not ear buds) and let your imagination run wild! Then remember, it’s all in your head :^)

The dark ambient sounds and music within these arrangements were created and performed on various virtual instruments and produced in Ableton Live. In some cases, long original audio recordings were used as sources then re-shaped with granular synthesis in Absynth 5 to turn these recordings into playable expressive instruments with a large sonic range.

It’s available now via Bandcamp for $3.

One thought on “Horrorscapes From Mark Mosher – ‘No Ghosts. Just Fear.’

  1. Is that the hook from a Stevie Wonder song at 01:15?

    The imagery in my head is like a collage from Ridley Scott movies. The ensuing track “Alone in the dark” has a very ominous feel to it isn’t easy to produce. Well done.

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