17 thoughts on “How To Destroy Angels’ Keep It Together

  1. Yep, the Reznor family and Atticus Ross know what they are doing 🙂

    For those who are interested: on their SoundCloud page, all songs of their first EP can be downloaded for free. Give “The Space In Between” a try, I just love that song!

  2. Every time I hear this project I can’t help but think it would be much better with Trent Reznor on vocal. She’s good looking but a weak singer.

  3. As I remember, ‘How to destroy angels’ was by ‘coil’, an interesting bunch; check out ‘Horse rotovator’, and ‘Love’s secret domain’..
    Just sayin’ !

    1. yup..the name is a nod to COIL, one of the most underappreciated and influential bands even after Balance’s death, imho. “Band” just doesn’t seem like a proper term. More like “creative force.”

      1. Sigh, yes, whilst the worst ‘ditch all your analogues for a DX7 you can’t be bothered to learn how to program” crap of the eighties seems to be very popular..
        Coil was educational; anyone interested in their own death (!) could do worse than to check out the lecture contained in ‘the golden section’ on ‘Horse Rotovator'( so named after a contemporary IRA explosion in a bandstand that was surrounded by horses. Ew.)
        The above has nice synths and a pretty girl, but that’s it.

        1. put your coil collection away for very safe keeping. a new copy of the original horse rotovator goes for $400 these days. Gold is the Metal is in the $200 ballpark. Same with LSD. Impressive, but depressing.

          The name of the above project has always perplexed me, as it has nothing of the mood or depth that the track the project it is named after possesses. I do wish they would venture out of the box a just a wee bit, especially with such an obvious nod to balance and sleazy.

  4. Wow…… She’s horrible, no feeling in here voice, no mood, no life… And I’m pretty sure she’s not that skilled to make it sound like that on purpose.

  5. This sounds like a teaser for a new NIN album.
    I like it!

    It also sounds like the limiting is a little bit less extreme (or that might just be the nature of this song.)
    I hope the usage of the limiter is a little bit more nuanced then it has been recently.

  6. personally I love this song, the dark mood and how the video is shot… and I think people should not judge this project as they would judge Trent’s work with Nine Inch Nails. It’s a complete different thing, that should be clear enough and I repeat, always in my opinion, it’s a great project

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