Mr Acid Machine Intros Agent C Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

Mr Acid Machine has introduced the Agent C semi-modular analog synthesizer, a new dual-VCO semi-modular analog MIDI synthesizer.


  • 2 VCOs (syncable, VCO1 is saw, VCO2 is saw or square with Pulse Width)
  • 1 VCF (Bandpass/Lowpass, V/OCT and can self-oscillate)
  • 1 LFO (square, ramp, saw, triangle)
  • 1 VCA
  • 2 Attack Release Generators (loopable)
  • 1 Sample and Hold
  • 1 White/Pink Noise Generator
  • 1/4-inch Jack Patchbay for modular fun.
  • 1 Linear Gated Glide for the CV IN.
  • MIDI to CV/GATE with note priority button (last, high, low) and channel button (1-16)
  • Mains IEC inlet with an internal switch for 115V/230V.

Agent C audio demos:

The Mr Acid Machine Agent C analog semi-modular synthesizer is available for pre-order for $895.

4 thoughts on “Mr Acid Machine Intros Agent C Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

  1. For the person that gave a thumb down: Salt+slug has a very good point. Its truly that expensive for moog to create a 500 and get a good profit of it (considering the low stack on chips for them)?.

  2. while the moog 500 delay is stupidly overpriced (and has nothing to do with this product whatsoever… not sure why this is even brought up?) – it could very likely be more expensive to build and is certainly way more complex to design than this monosynth (which is compromised of fairly simple and easily adaptable/sourced circuit designs). have you ever taken a look at the schematic of an analog delay? you don’t need the be a rocket scientist to see it has a ton of stuff going on… you don’t see as many DIY analog delay projects as you do the basic synth building blocks (like the ones used in this standard monosynth) because they are fairly hard/expensive to build. the BBD chips have barely anything to do with it unless you are using Reticons or something else super-rare (NOS batches of tested MN3007 for instance might raise the price but that’s a stupid excuse for five hundred dollar delays).

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