Free Version Of PPG WaveGenerator Now Available

Wolfgang Palm has released PPG Free – a feature-limited version of the PPG WaveGenerator app.

The app features a selection of the sound library from the full PPG WaveGenerator, but editing functions are disabled, and voice count is 5 maximum, with a sample rate of 44.1Khz.

The sound material contains the typical sounds from the original PPG wave models, as well as many new sounds generated by versatile analysis tools and also hand edited waves.


  • 3D page, visualization of the wavetables, transformation from photos into wavetables.
  • 256 waves assembled within a wave grid (Only editable in full version)
  • 3 Audio Oscillators
  • 3 Noise generators, for audio and modulations
  • Classic 24 dB Lowpass Filter, combined with an overdrive simulation.
  • Dual amplifier, for versatile control of 2 audio signals as well as panning.
  • 13 Envelopes, for independent control of pitch, waveform, filter and noise gain and panning (Only editable in full version)
  • 4 LFOs
  • Arpeggiator (playback only in this version)
  • Delay/Reverb effect
  • Audio engine with 2 synthesis modes, and variable wave blending quality.
  • Directly accessible context help inside the app
  • Use a camera, to shoot a picture and then transform it into a sound! (Only editable in full version)

PPG Free is available now in the App Store.

11 thoughts on “Free Version Of PPG WaveGenerator Now Available

    1. Has worked brilliantly on my ipad1 since day 1. Not a single problem.
      Try a powercycle by holding down the home and power button at the same time until you see the apple logo on screen. Then release and wait. Also make sure all background apps are closed.
      Awesome synth app!

  1. yeah it sounds pretty good and it’s really expressive. the demo almost convinces me to get the full version. but i still think it’s too expensive. at half the price i’d get it.
    one possible ui improvement would be a full screen keys area, same problem with animoog, the keys are too small.

    1. i don’t have a problem with the animoog keys, however i agree that these ppg keys are too small. And it looks like there is room to lengthen them.

    2. price is totally fair , it does really sound really goood + its super deep synth
      also hook up midi for proper keys , or use some free virtual midi app

  2. more on the keys,
    i’d like to see that panel to the right of the keys pop in and out via a button above it. as well as a way to enlarge the key size.

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