17 thoughts on “Live Cover Of Crockett’s Theme, By Jan Hammer

    1. I think his kiosk is already over the top. The keytar would push it over the over the top. If they could fit a keytar in there…

      How does he get in there? Do they leave an opening and lure Kebu in by throwing a drum machine in there and then quickly seal Kebu in with the Moog Source and Korg Ensemble?

  1. I really like Kebu’s sounds – they just sound fantastic!

    But ah… wasn’t the original rather more, er, “digital” and played on a Fairlight? ;-p

  2. Man the early melody line is amazing – I have no idea what that sparkly metallic sound is or what kind of reverb/chorus/whatever is on it, but it takes me to some long-forgotten time or dimension.

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