New iPad Drum Machine App – Advanced Mobile Drummer

Beats ‘n’ Bobs has introduced Advance Mobile Drummer – a drum machine app for the iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

If you are a guitarist or vocalist who needs a backing rhythm or perhaps your drummer has been abducted by aliens or blown up and you need a replacement-this could be just what you need!


  • Acoustic and electronic sounds.
  • Real-time record or step record. Create up to 32 patterns and 8 songs using 5 tracks.
  • Adjust pitch, level and decay on each drum pad or drum step and control these settings over time as part of your pattern. You are not limited to just one sound per track as each step can have its own sound.
  • You can also adjust levels of swing from 0 to 7 (extreme).
  • Auto track assigns each pad to a track automatically.
  • Store 4 drum kit programs for the drum pads independently from patterns.
  • 5 Drum pads for live play, overdubbing or recording
  • Real-time triggering of patterns.

MIDI support appears to be missing in action.

Advance Mobile Drummer is available now in the App Store for $4.99.

If you’ve used Advanced Mobile Drummer, let us know what you think of it!

22 thoughts on “New iPad Drum Machine App – Advanced Mobile Drummer

  1. Note to devs: If you don’t include MIDI in your synth app, it’s not done yet. Don’t release it. You had this one shot to make a first impression.

    1. Hello. We do appreciate the point about MIDI. Many people are not lucky enough to have a studio or MIDI setup and all the have is an iPad – so this is designed mainly for them. It is also a great way to make rhythms up while on the move. We have added as many features as we can into this. If you do have a MIDI studio then you can’t beat a good old fashioned drum module.

      1. All they have is their I pad!! What a comical statement. They are very expensive.
        You can buy stuff like Novation Ks racks for 150 quid on the second market. An Maudio venom is new at 200 euros. a keyboard synth with midi and effects.

        1. Bored to death

          Not everything is designed for you and other long-time synth-heads, and that’s OK.

          A lot of the people that get into these music apps probably have no idea what a Novation Ks or a M-Audio Venom is. Maybe they’ll make interesting music with apps like this – or maybe the apps will be gateways for them to get into more serious stuff.

          Either way, reaming the guys that develop $5 apps isn’t cool!

          1. Talk about negativity! Its an app that looks good and for the price of a beer. If its not what you want then dont buy it! Why slate something you havent even tried just because its not what you are looking for! People want the moon on a stick and for nothing nowadays.

      2. MIDI studio? While I have some gear that speaks MIDI, I’m not sure I’d call it a studio’s worth.

        What I *do* have is a whole ton of music apps on my iPad that speak MIDI. It’s a shame that this app cannot synchronize with them.

  2. Well its a developers choice – he just chose to limit his customer base by a vast amount. It really is his problem From my point of view – there is no point in spending 5 bucks on an app that is worthless in terms of compability with other instruments.

  3. A 5 dollar app on a four hundred quid tablet.
    This is a site called synthtopia, that comes from synthesisers. We check out this site cause it is a subject we are into. Midi came in in the v early 80s? My first synth was a Jen , second a cz101.
    I am amused by being told I pads are great , it is like someone trying to tell me a Kazoo , is a f:ckin saxophone.
    Some of us are still scratching our heads about the absurdity of these apps. I make music, have taught music tech , I am one of the faceless techno guys who gets vinyl out still, and If I express opinions on a synthesiser forum, I do so .
    Emperors new clothes.!! Maybe the lad who made the software , can try to develop a velocity sensitive service when he has worked out midi. VL tone springs to mind!! Da Da DA Da

    1. >>These apps should be on softwaretopia?<<

      Of Course.

      If you wanna remove them from here than REMOVE ALSO FKING PC/MAC SOFTWARE from here TOO!

  4. The thing that wonders me everytime WHY all that people don’t understand that music apps on tablet are CLOSER to beloved software gear then all those Cubases-Reasons?

  5. >>All they have is their I pad!! What a comical statement. They are very expensive.
    You can buy stuff like Novation Ks racks for 150 quid on the second market. An Maudio venom is new at 200 euros. a keyboard synth with midi and effects.<<

    Hey man you are speaking non-sense,

    For example, me – i have my guitar, i have Roland SP-404 and some pedals/effects.
    I also have Doepfer Dark Energy and dreaming about Serge Modular.

    …and i also have ipad with many differeent apps.
    To plug it into SP404, for example.

    Why the hell must i but Access Virus + Nord Lead + Ultranova + Electribe?
    I just have pretty nice synths/drums apps.

    And holy shit, i can play by fingers and much more.

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