7 thoughts on “iZotope Trash 2 Review

  1. I liked the original Trash, but never enough to purchase mainly because it was several years old.
    Recently I had been looking for a distortion plugin and had been seriously considering purchasing Fabfilter Saturn.

    After only 4 hours of demoing Trash 2 last night I snapped it up at the introductory price.
    It’s defitinetly worth demoing.
    The distortion is better than the original and the Convulotion section is very welcome.
    I am looking forward to getting to know this product.

  2. I figured I wouldn’t pick this up, based on the demo sounds I heard, but I have been *very* impressed with the demo, which I’ve been playing with the last couple of days. Some amazing possibilites with the flexible routing, and the fact that you can load your own sounds into the convolution module without any conversion is, yup, awesome.

  3. i actually quite liked the demo sounds i heard.. but i guess it’s all a matter of taste really. if it works for you, it works for you! that’s the beauty of having an unlimited demo. well, 10 day, but like no silence or stupid stuff like that

  4. that’s not really fair is it? the full price for trash 2 is $249, the $149 is only an intro price. i think it ends in december some time or other.

    plus, speaking as a longtime trash user, trash 2 is like a whole new plugin. i bet you haven’t even tried it out! every module sounds better, there are a lot more features, the new compressor sounds awesome and the filter modules are massive. i think izotope could sell each invidiaul component of trash 2 as seprate plugins for more than $99, in fact i wonder wjhy they dont!

    you are lucky to even get an upgrade price! $99 for trash 2 is a huge deal – quit being so entitled and lighten up!! :-p

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