Audiobus Demo – Filtering FunkBox & Sunrizer With NLog Into Loopy HD

Here’s a sneak preview of the state of Audiobus – the upcoming audio routing tool for iOS.

In the demo, developer Sebastian Dittmann uses Audiobus to route audio from FunkBox and Sunrizer, through NLog Synth Pro and into Loopy HD, where it is recorded and looped.

Note: This is a preview of Audiobus and upcoming versions of these apps:

For more information on Audiobus, see our interview with Dittman and other Audiobus posts.

The release date and pricing for Audiobus are TBA.

20 thoughts on “Audiobus Demo – Filtering FunkBox & Sunrizer With NLog Into Loopy HD

    1. Jesus, right? I work for an app developer and I’M fed up with people being so gd impatient. Whining about it doesn’t actually speed up app development AT ALL. I don’t know why people think app developers are intentionally dragging their feet. DEVELOPMENT TAKES TIME.

      Play with your other toys and it’ll be done when it’s done.

  1. Wouldn’t it be terribly amusing if some smart comes with an audiobus-like system this weekend? I am getting a little tired with all this teasing.

      1. I think everyone here has a fair understanding of how long the dev process takes, and audiobus is going to be a game-changing near-miracle, but in this particular case i think they probably started the hype machine a bit early, which is obviously frustrating. I guess they had to, though, to get the third parties on board.

        Still, it’s going to be incredible.

  2. Can someone tell me why this is good? Just more tedious beats with bland softsynth noises, why is everyone getting so excited by this crap!!?

    1. Can someone tell me why this comment is good? Just more tedious incoherence with bland arguments from someone who has no clue of what Audiobus really is.

      Do you always comment on things you don’t understand?

    2. The possibilities with are limited only by your imagination.

      Which means you either don’t understand the technology or you can’t imagine how it would be useful. You might want to read up on this so you understand it!

  3. calm down boys & girls, aliens & synthnerds
    from what i know & read won’t be very much longer
    my bet is its officially out before x-mas
    wouldn’t that be a nice present 4 all of us?!

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