A Vulgar Display Of Synth Power

Sunday Synth Jam: Robota – a trio of ‘analogue terrorists from Mexico City’ – do a live studio performance of their track, Checkpoint.

The track is taken from their latest album, A Vulgar Display Of Power.

Robota is:

  • Hugo Quezada: synths & guitar
  • Alejandro Heredia: synths & vocoder
  • Alfredo Moreno: drums & drum machines

17 thoughts on “A Vulgar Display Of Synth Power

  1. I really am at a loss as to what actual synthesiser videos are doing on synthtopia. Can anyone help me out here, I thought this was an apple forum? How on earth has this been allowed on here, this takes up space that is normally used for apple mac promotion?
    Shed some light on this error please.

    PS Stunning sounds and a great track well done mexico.

      1. I love the idea you can call my reply whiny ass comment which is a personal attak on me,
        then my reply gets censored cause I reference you knocking out over Steve Jobs images?
        That is hypocrisy.

        1. Mono phreak

          Feel free to criticize synths, apps, our posts, other comments, etc on the site. Active and even heated discussion on the site is encouraged, as the site’s history of comments aptly demonstrates.

          You’ve put us in the position of having to delete two of your comments, though, because they were personal attacks. The first comment suggested that the people that run a non-profit are greedy and the second comment suggested that another Synthtopia reader was masturbating. Your comments are going into the moderation queue as a result and will be deleted unless you can figure out how to state your opinions in a constructive way.

          Note: Experienced’s response above criticized your comment, suggesting it was a ‘whiny ass’ comment. If it had read ‘Mono Phreak – You are a whiny ass!’, it would have been criticizing you, not your comment, and we would have deleted it.

  2. That’s why they are called analogue terrorists: they shake “is ipad best and only musical application ye?” posts 😀

  3. How is this not copyright infringement? Can you take another band’s album title, just by adding an “a” prefix? That being said, these guys have talent and look like they have a lot of fun too.

    1. yeh the first thing i thought of was that Pantera album… i think its a generational thing, most kids today probly never heard of it

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