Rob Papen’s Secrets Of Subtractive Synthesis

Synth and sound designer Rob Papen has published a new multimedia masterclass on synthesis, The Secrets Of Subtractive Synthesis.

The 200+ page book is accompanied by four DVDs with over 10 hours of content, offering in-depth insight into his approach of working with subtractive synthesis. Throughout the masterclass, a variety of hardware and software synthesizers are explored.

Here’s a preview:

The Secrets Of Subtractive Synthesis is priced at € 74– (EU included 6% VAT) | € 69– (outside EU, no VAT), excluded shipment cost. It’s expected to be available in early December, via Time + Space.

6 thoughts on “Rob Papen’s Secrets Of Subtractive Synthesis

    1. If you really need this, do not worry about region coding. Just get a cheap DVD drive for your computer and set it to whatever region you need. If you have a desktop, this can be easily done for less than $20. If you have a laptop, you can get this for under $30. Yes, it adds a little to the cost, but this is one easy way to deal with region-coded DVDs. You can change the region code on a DVD drive up to 5 times.

    1. Yes, this is one of my favorite series – Gordon Reid is my idol, and I like his explanations of FM and phase distortion synthesis (which works on Reason as well as my old Casio!)

      I wish Rob Papen would do an advanced book/DVD on subtractive, modular, FM, granular, wavetable, sampling, additive, physical modeling, etc. – not to mention his own instruments!! It’s pretty clear that he loves analog synths though, maybe even more than his own VSTs!

      That being said, I actually enjoyed watching the demo video.

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