AudioBus Coming On Monday Dec 10 – Here Are The Details

Audiobus – a new system for routing audio between audio applications on iOS – will launch on Monday, December 10th 2012. It will cost 9.99 US$ and will be available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 5.0 and later.

Supported apps at launch:

Several other apps are expected to be available shortly thereafter:

We’re expecting Thumbjam and Drumjam to be available shortly after launch since they’re currently waiting to be reviewed by Apple App Review.

Moog and Wavemachine Labs have been working on making Animoog and Auria, respectively, compatible with Audiobus but implementation is not yet complete for either of them.

Here’s a demo of AudioBus, showing one way it can be used:

If you’re not familiar with it yet, check out our interview with one of the Audiobus developers: What is Audiobus and how will it change mobile music making?

The developers also have announced plans for the next wave of AudioBus apps:

We’ll be starting a limited second wave of Audiobus apps – limited so we can rapidly respond to any potential remaining issues – by giving another 25 developers access to the SDK. These developers will be selected from the list of developers who have expressed interest in acquiring access to the SDK – currently that’s a list more than 700 entries strong.

After a sufficient amount of apps from the second wave of developers have been approved by App Review and feedback is favorable, we’re going to make the SDK public. This is going to happen in the next months.

For those asking themselves how long it takes a developer to implement Audiobus support into their app: It depends on the complexity of the app and level of integration. The fastest teams have done it in one day. Testing and submission to App Review is typically the most time-consuming part.

We’re currently finalizing the manual and we’re going to post videos demonstrating the less obvious features of Audiobus over the course of this week to shorten the wait.

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31 thoughts on “AudioBus Coming On Monday Dec 10 – Here Are The Details

  1. This is how a product developement and roll out should be…this team kept its fans waiting with status updates and thorough expainations of the respective situation addressed…their replies hav been spot on and they have been equally personable, down to earth. I will gladly support this team BECAUSE of their professionalism and accessibility, not to mention a killer, innovative product that just makes total sense!

    1. I’ve contacted Moog a few times about Audiobus over the past couple of months. A representative emailed me back stating that they were aware of and interested in the project but don’t comment on future development plans.

      I have no doubt Animoog will receive Audiobus support. I’m more concerned about Filtatron, though. It hasn’t seen even a maintenance update in over a year and I worry Moog might be abandoning it, which would be a shame as it’s a really great app. Running Animoog through Filtatron with the Camera Connection Kit and a cheap USB audio interface is a blast!

      1. YouTube link please 🙂 I would like to see this **animoog + filtatron + CCK + USB mic ** scenario that you speak of

  2. The video showed when you open an app with it, you can set it to microphone input, does this mean you can record any audiobus supported app into garageband already? That would make it a must buy right there.

  3. I hope that Beatmaker 2, PPG Wavegenerator, Animoog, TCM-11, Addictive, Impaktor, CrystalSynthXT, BS-16i, BitWiz, DXi, GrainScience, GlitchBreaks, Cassini, Ellipsynth, Samplr, DM1, iPusaret, Studio.M and Studio.HD, MegaCurtis, iKaossilator, iPolySix, and Sunvox are all on the shortlist for the next wave. Anyone know who will be in the next wave of 25 that will incorporate audiobus??

    1. I can’t see the AudioBus guys announcing that up front.

      If they say that Beatmaker’s going to support AudioBus and Beatmaker doesn’t deliver, buyers would be pissed off at Audiobus for ‘promising’ Beatmaker support.

      Multiply this times 500 developers and there’s a lot of potential for companies not to follow through.

  4. @iMan: Exactly. We’ve been very careful to not announce any app supporting Audiobus before the developers of that app had announced it first – simply because in the end we have absolutely no control over what other development teams do.

    That being said, I have a lot of respect for the developers who are with us right after launch now.

    1. Sebastian

      Thanks for taking the time to pay attention to discussion and respond to people’s questions and concerns. Too many developers release apps and the disappear.

      Looking forward to checking this out and seeing what other developers add support!

    1. They seem to be in the middle of pushing out a bugfix release since the 2.4 release introduced some regressions. If we’re lucky, the 2.4.1 release will enable Audiobus.

  5. But weren’t there audiobus demo videos using Beatmaker ?

    (Great news at least it’s coming on the 10th ; and I can stop checking AppStore 3 times daily !)

    1. No, I don’t think I made any demo videos with Beatmaker and Audiobus. Maybe a screenshot or two. We’ve had it working here. All I know is that at one point they became impossible to reach via Skype and email.

      1. Yes, there are some screenshots on BM2 with Audiobus working on the Audiobus Facebook:

        Of course, how well this was working is unknown to anyone but Sebastian and Intua. Hopefully Intua will manage to include full Audiobus integration in the 2.4.1 update coming soon. It really is the best sampler and I’d hate to leave it for something else.

    1. Very likely

      Moog and Wavemachine Labs have been working on making Animoog and Auria, respectively, compatible with Audiobus but implementation is not yet complete for either of them.

  6. I wish the NLog was universal. The iPhone version misses so many features from the pro version, which I would love to have in my pants. And I also don’t yet have an iPad.

  7. Intua/bm2 are on my sh!tlist because they DO NOT respond to their customer’s support request, nor do they participate in their forums. If impacted like they do, my business would indeed fail.

  8. What the IOS needs more than anything is a central file system!!! Yes apple won’t do it but who needs them, why doesn’t every single music app developer simply make audio share the directory they point their apps to for file storage and file seeking, wouldn’t that work and take less than an afternoon to implement?

    And what beatmaker needs is to stop trying to be a daw until after its a complete beatmachine, where is the layering, where is the intua-tive resampling???

  9. The file system as it is on Windows, Mac, Linux etc has (more or less) failed to reach a level of ease of use that is understandable to non-powerusers. The lack of file system and the reduced complexity is exactly what made the iPad so successful to many people who didn’t even own a PC before.

    Implementing a system like that in every single app is a step backwards, because it requires developers to add more stuff to their app, causing usability problems. What we need is something that is better than a file system and caters to these new devices. But I haven’t seen it yet.

    1. Sebastian,

      What is the roadmap for iOS to iOS device Audiobus integration? It would be benificial to utilize the power of my iPhone and iPad at the same time. Thanks for all you do and looking forward to launch!

      1. We’re currently talking about that internally. Our priority in the last few months was to get the SDK working nicely with other apps and reducing complexity of Audiobus to a level can be communicated. Right now we’re doing some more testing on WiFi in hostile environments to make sure it’s robust.

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