Feeltune Rhizome Price Drops

Feeltune has announced price drops on the Rhizome SXE music computer and Rhizome LE controller.

So to make sure no one is disappointed this year, Feeltune’s team as decided to make presents to all of you and offer exceptional deals on its Rhizome SXE & Rhizome LE models.

The Rhizome LE was $1,399 and is now $999. The Rhizome SXE was $3,200 and is now $2,699.

See the Feeltune site for details.

20 thoughts on “Feeltune Rhizome Price Drops

  1. Sounds like a lot of readers have never actually laid hands on one of these.

    The Rhizomes actually kick ass. Buttons everywhere and the labels change to match whatever you are doing.

    1. its great when used in the right hands
      it works for me it holds its own
      very fast when i work on it
      don’t count it out
      its a winner!

  2. i dont get why ppl complain about price. do you think the business is monopolizing on the product? this developer doesnt seem to be a massive corporation with huge infrastructure like roland or yamaha, so what do u expect the price to be? even though i cant afford this, i’m still thankful there are crazy businesses like rhizome that are willing to take the risk of making innovative gear. if you want an ipad and a macbook like the 20million other people using the same combination good for you. but that doesnt knock the potential of using differently thought about models such as this.

    1. >this developer doesnt seem to be a massive corporation with huge infrastructure like roland or yamaha

      If they were, this product would cost even more. 😉

  3. I have laid hands on this thing and it is a beast! but basically i felt like it was a “super utility” which allowed me to create music with software in a way that would usually only be possible with hardware. I didnt feel like i would ever need it, but I was definitely impressed with how it could be integrated into ones production.

    i think you can run your plug-ins on it and the it maps it to its surface controls.

  4. The problem with Feeltune is the way they advertise thier products.
    ON their site you can watch boring videos with a guy telling you how cool it is to use Rhizome and another guy showing you how to enter note in a piano roll.
    Nothing exciting…..
    What about a Live performance using only the Rhizome with internal controllers mapped in an intellignet way to provide great interactions ?????
    Think about that Mr Feeltune !!!!

  5. This is interesting from a design standpoint. Just looking at the thing there is no indication of how cool it’s capabilities really are. It looks like any other midi controller, which makes it easy to dismiss.

    1. Xtopher – if you see the Rhizome next to other MIDI controllers, it blows ALL of them away.

      The construction is fantastic and you don’t have to work off of a computer screen, because all the controls have a video screen above them that tells you what they are currently assigned too.

      Compare that to a something like the Launchpad, which is basically a set of plastic buttons, and it will make sense why it costs more.

  6. Depending of the Integration inside the DAWs and the controls over steps as (Triplets/sizes) ill be getting the LE version. People need to realize there are Junk stuff and Big Stuff. You dont get 4 LCD´s, all these touch Pads, knobs, buttons, software and integration for free. A maschine MK2 costs 600 USD and sucks on hands in control compared to this. I agree that at 1400 is not the right price but at 1000 looks promising considering what you get.

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